Reception: General Notices

We have a dedicated PE session twice a week, on Monday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has a named PE bag on their peg, containing pumps, shorts and their coloured t-shirt. If your daughter wears tights, please include a pair of socks in her PE bag.

Please provide a named bottle, containing only water to be kept in the classroom. Children often get thirsty outside of snack and lunch times; they are free to get their water bottles during class times but if it contains juice they will be asked to save this for snack times and be offered water instead.

Please read to your child as often as possible as it sparks a love of books and their imaginations. Your child can choose a story or information book from school to share at home as every day. Please feel free to swap these books with your child in the mornings, using the boxes in the atrium.

Please remind your child to place their zipped wallet containing the yellow reading record book and sound cards in the dedicated box every morning.

Each class has an 'I Can' display board where you can see the range of skills we will be looking for evidence for over the course of your child's time in Reception. Please feel free to add a post-it note below your child's picture when they achieve something new such as learning fasten their coat, ride their bike, swim without arm bands, re-tell a familiar story, count to 100 ... etc. Please also keep a look out for a sign on the board asking for particular evidence, for example, 'what exercise do you enjoy?' and help your child to add a post-it note to answer the question.

As the weather turns cold, please ensure that any hats, gloves and scarves are named and remind your child to put them in their drawer first thing in the morning to keep them safe and easily accessible. 

We will be baking with a group of children each week; your child will have their turn approximately once a month. Please consider making a contribution towards the costs involved by donating any spare coins to our 'Baking Bear' in the atrium.

Thank you for your support.


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