Welcome back

Welcome back to our new term. We have some new children starting this term and would like to welcome them, and their families to our Nursery. We hope you have all had a good break over the holidays and are all feeling rested and refreshed.

Our theme this term is 'Our Colourful World' and we will be looking at our environment and the changes which happen with the weather and the seasons. Keep checking the website for more information and photos to keep you up to date with what the children have been doing.

Please remember to bring your art box to Nursery every day to bring pictures and letters home, also the home school books need to come in to Nursery at least once a week so that we can update them. Feel free to add any pictures or writing from activities and interests from home and we will share them together.

Library books can be changed as often as you like, just bring them in and choose a new one.

Wellie walks are on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon if you want to bring your own wellies in, but we have plenty of spare wellies if you havent brought them.

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