General Notices


PE is held twice a week. Please ensure your child's PE bag is in school at these times. It should contain shorts, a house-coloured t shirt and pumps, plus socks if your child wears tights to school. We will send PE bags home each half term for washing. Please also check that the pumps still fit!

Water Bottles

Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school each day, filled with water not juice.


Your child is entitled to a free school meal. You will be sent each week's menu in advance and can help your child to choose each day whether they have a meat/fish, vegetarian or sandwich option, along with free access to a salad bar and a choice of pudding. If this is not suitable for your child, they may bring a healthy packed lunch from home, which should be placed on the named trolly at the end of the KS1 corridor.


Please share books together as often as possible. Your child will be encouraged to choose a stories from school that they would like to share with you. Please remind your child to change their book whenever necessary. We will be making regular class visits to Handforth library so that the children can choose books for their classrooms. It would be hugely beneficial to their interest in reading if you could visit the library with them too.

Whilst your child is learning new sounds, they will bring home sets of sound cards and lists of words to practise making and reading. Please let us know if you ever need a replacement set. 

Once your child is confident making and reading simple words, they will begin to progress through a carefully graded set of reading books and will bring a copy of each week's reading task home to share with you.

We will send occasional maths activities home to summarise recent work and provide ideas for suporting or extending your childs learning. You should also have received a set of number/spot cards and a letter explaining some simple activites you can do with them to support your childs early number skills. Please let us know if you need a new set at any point. 

If your child achieves something new at home or has an exciting experience, you are welcome to upload a photo to their e-Learning Journal via the Tapestry website for us to share with the class.



Contact the School

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Main Contact: For initial public or parent queries please contact Mrs. Wendy Fogarty

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