The Governors at Wilmslow Grange Community Primary School and Nursery, work to ensure the school continues to deliver a high standard of learning and teaching on behalf of the children.

This is a committed group of fourteen people,  comprising of members of the Community, Parent/carer Governors, Governors who represent Cheshire East Local Authority, and Staff Governors, one of whom is the Headteacher. The current Governing Body comprises:

Gill Winder (Chair of Governors, Local Authority Governor) - Vice Chair to be elected Oct 2016 - appointed on 21/01/2001; Term of office ends 19/01/2018 - appointed by LA and Sharon Hawtin (CoG)

Rev. Steve Burmester (Vice Chair, SEND LAC designated Governor/ Co-Opted Governor)  - appointed on 15/10/2010; Term of office ends 21/11/2018 - appointed by Sharon Hawton (CoG)

Wendy Fogarty (Co-opted Governor / Training liaison Governor)  - appointed on 26/01/2000; Term of office ends 12/11/2018 - appointed by Sharon Hawton (CoG)

Mrs Sarah Ali-Raza (Parent Governor)  - appointed on 08/02/2016; Term of office ends 07/02/2020 - appointed by Parents & Gill Winder (CoG)

Mrs Josie Winchcombe (Parent Governor & Health & Safety Governor)  - appointed on 08/02/2016; Term of office ends 07/02/2019 - appointed by Parents & Gill Winder (CoG)

Mr Mark Vincent (Co-opted Governor, Pupil Premium designated Governor)  - appointed on 08/02/2016; Term of office ends 07/02/2020 - appointed by Gill Winder (CoG)

Cynthia Samson (LAC and Safeguarding Governor/ Co-opted Governor)  - appointed on 13/06/2012; Term of office ends 12/11/2018 - appointed by Parents & Gill Winder (CoG)

Elizabeth Sillitoe (Parent Governor)  - appointed on 01/06/2015; Term of office ends 31/05/2019 - appointed by Parents & Gill Winder (CoG)

Mark Unwin (Head Teacher)  - appointed on 01/01/2015; Term of office ends 01/01/2019 - appointed by Sharon Hawtin (CoG)

Andrea Booth (Staff Governor)  - appointed on 08/02/2016; Term of office ends 07/02/2020 - appointed by staff & Gill Winder (CoG)

Lynette Lawson (Deputy Head Teacher/Associate Governor)  - appointed on 01/01/2015; Term of office ends 01/01/2019 - appointed by Sharon Hawtin (CoG)

The governors meet as a full body each school term. Committees who are responsible for a specific aspect of the school’s work also meet each term (or more frequently when required). The Governors have a legal responsibility to the children on behalf of Cheshire East Local Authority and the local community.

The key committees are:

the Teaching & Learning Committee, who oversee the policies for teaching and learning in order to deliver the highest standard and quality of learning - attendance over the last 12 months (100%)

the Finance and Premises Committee, who plan the budget, monitor the spending, are responsible for the financial arrangements within the school, ensure that the building and outdoor provision match the needs of the school in delivering a high quality environment for teaching and learning. The Finance and Premises Committee also oversee Health and Safety arrangements - attendance over the last 12 months (100%)

The Personnel & Staffing Committee are the group of governors responsible for ensuring the school is using its resources for staffing as efficiently as possible, making all appointments and key decisions relevant to Performance Appraisal, Pay Levels and Conditions of Service - attendance over the last 12 months (100%)

The Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Committee which is responsible for overseeing the school's work with regard to Safeguarding, Pupil Premium, Attendance, Punctuality and provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND), including the work of our Resource Provision for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition - attendance over the last 12 months (83%)

There is also a Standards & Outcomes Committee that comprises at least one member of each of the other committees; they analyse school data and ensure that the actions that the school and governing body take are based on a current and accurate knowledge of school performance.- attendance over the last 12 months (100%)

Full Governing Body meetings take place termly (attednace in the last 2 mionths 93%)Being a member of the Governors is a rewarding task, undertaken on behalf of the children. Parents and members of the community who are interested in serving as a Governor are very welcome to enquire whether there are currently any vacancies.

The Governors also contribute to the life of the school, including supporting in classes, attending school events and functions, and even offering their expertise to curriculum activities.



Gill Winder and Steve Burmester attended the course on Performance Related Pay and Appeals in Macclesfield


Roger Small accompanied the Year 1/Year 2 visit to Styal Mill


Cynthia Samson and Roger Small attended the Preparing for Ofsted Course in Macclesfield


Several governors attended the Grand Opening of the School Extension


Several governors attended the KS1 Christmas Nativity presentation


Roger Small accompanied the Year 1/Year 2 visit to the pantomime Cinderella at Wythenshawe Forum


Roger Small attended the Governors’ Safeguarding Responsibility Course in Middlewich.


Cynthia Samson and Roger Small attended the Schools Financial Value Standard course in Macclesfield


Wendy Fogarty’s grant application to Handforth Parish Council (£1,000 for library books) proved successful


Mark Unwin, Sharon Hawtin, Steve Burmester, Cynthia Samson and Roger Small attended a meeting with the School Improvement Partner, Tony Lacey to discuss preparation for an Ofsted inspection.


At the FGB meeting Mrs Liz Sillitoe was welcomed as a new member of the governing body. Sharon Hawtin resigned from her position as Chairman of the governing body and was thanked for her years of service in that office. The governing body were pleased to learn that Sharon intended to stay on as a governor.


Several of the school governors assisted with the school’s Summer Fair by manning stalls.


Liz Sillitoe attended New Governors’ Induction Training


Roger Small accompanied the Year 1/Year 2 trip to the Blue Planet aquarium.

20/7/ 15

Several governors attended the School Leavers Assembly


Tracy Bratt (Safeguarding Governor) met with Mrs. Ashcroft (Headteacher) to check our Safeguarding audit, sign the policy, discuss Health and Safety end of the day procedures and review the adult code of behaviour.

Alison Brough (Health and Safety Governor) accompanied Year 2 on their trip to Blue Planet Aquarium.


The Standards' Committe met tonight and looked at the data from the Autumn Term. We are pleased to see good progress being made by pupils and that our 'narrowing the gap' drive is having an impact.


There was an additional full governing body meeting this evening to discuss and agree the leadership staffing structure for 2014-15.


Dr. Roger Small joins us today, as our newly appointed Local Authority Governor. He is looking forward to working with us.

Steve Burmester, Gill Winder, Sharon Hawtin, Ric Harris, Tracy Bratt, Wendy Fogarty and Joanne Ashcroft attended a training session about the difference between good and outstanding governance - food for thought.


The Finance/Premises committee met to complete a Health and Safety insepction of the school, to receive an update on the building work, and to discuss 'best value - high impact' spending of the Pupil Premium grant.

The Staffing committee met to consider a staffing structure proposal for 2014-15 onwards.


Rev. Steve Burmester visited today to lead a whole school assembly.


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