We teach literacy through a balance between developing phonics skills and providing purposeful contexts for reading and writing.

Our apporach to phonics is partially based on the Read Write Inc. (RWI) programme.

First, each alphabet sound and the most common digraphs (pairs of letters that make single sounds) are introduced in a multi-sensory way with pictures, actions and phrases to help the children remember them and write them accurately. The sounds are taught in the following sequence:

  • m  a  s  d  t
  • i  n  p  g  o
  • c  k  u  b
  • f  e  l  h  sh
  • r  j  v  y  w
  • th  z  ch  q  x
  • ng  nk

At the same time as learning new sounds, the children are taught the skills of blending and segmenting the sounds they are familiar with in order to read and write simple words.

Once the children are confident at blending sounds together to read words and segmenting the sounds they can hear in words in order to write them, they begin to read carefully graded texts and to write simple sentences based on these texts.

If you have any queries or want help with supporting your child in this area, please speak to a member of the Foundation Team. There  will also be a parents' phonics meeting towards the end of the first half term to provide more information.

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Main Contact: For initial public or parent queries please contact Mrs. Wendy Fogarty

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