Wilmslow Grange Exciting Times (Wilmslow GETs...)

Wilmslow GETs (Wilmslow Grange Exciting Times) is the wider opportunities project that is the vehicle for delivering our vision that Wilmslow Grange has the very highest expectations of excitement and fun.

We organise termly events to excite, inspire, enthuse and educate the children and to ensure our curriculum is as broad, inclusive and exciting as it can posssibly be.

During the Autumn term we made a very active start to the year with Wilmslow Gets Moving. Each day the children complete a 1 km run around our playground and adjoining park. The aim is to improve general fitness and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. 

In addition, members of staff are completing running challenges including running 4 half marathons in 2 months! There is also an after school running club for parents, teachers and children to run together. 

The event for Spring term is Wilmslow GETs ACTING - this will culminate in an AMAZING performance at The Evans Theatre in Wilmslow on Tuesday, 28th March 2017 at 6pm.

Last year the children enjoyed taking part in: 

Wilmslow GETs HELPFUL - a charity project,

Wilmslow GETs SINGING - a whole-school music project

WIlmslow GETs MAKING - a construction & gardening project

Wilmslow GETs SPORTY - a whole-school and inter-school sports project.

If you have any ideas for forthcoming projects or wish to offer help in any way please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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