Class: Reception Year: 2014 - 2015

This half term, we have been looking after caterpillars, watching them turn into cocoons and waiting patiently for them to change into butterflies... which they finally did this week!

To celebrate, we baked butterfly cakes, made butterfly head bands, had a party morning and went out to the wooded area of the playground to release them. Or, to be more accurate, to open the butterfly home and wait for them to fly off, which they didn't! We left them hanging in the tree. By hometime, one butterfly had gone. Hopefully the remaining four will leave over the weekend. 

The children have loved this topic and were quite sad to see it come to an end. They have written some super letters to say goodbye to the butterflies which we are going to post. We hope that the butterflies will write back (!) to tell us how they are, where they have got to and whether they have laid any eggs to start their life cycle all over again. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be investigating other minibeasts. Keep your eyes open and let us know what you see!


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