Reception's Big Day Out (!)

Class: Reception Year: 2014 - 2015

After a spate of sunny weather and several children's discussion of holidays, we decided to have an impromptu trip to the seaside!

The children took to the idea very quickly and let their imaginations run wild. Some were so fully in role in the run up to the big event that their parents became quite worried that they had missed an important e-mail!

In preparation for the big event, we printed postcards, made train tickets and compared our locality with seasides on Google Maps. Then, on Thursday afternoon, we were ready to depart. We had a long train journey where everyone took turns to drive the train and honk the whistle (apologies to Nursery for mistaking them for a field of sheep!) and when we eventually arrived at the seaside, we enjoyed paddling, rock pooling, donkey rides, shell collecting and building sand castles. The sun even deigned to shine on us for a while! Then we headed back to the station and all had an ice lolly while we waited for our train to get us back home in time for the end of the day. 

We posted our postcards after our trip - thank you to everyone who donated a stamp. We hope you have received your postcards, but there were some problems with addresses - please check that school has your correct deatails. 

The children have produced some wonderful writing about their trip and are continuing to role-play their experiences. Roll on summer!

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