Reception's first trip!

Class: Reception Year: 2015 - 2016

Reception enjoyed their first trip out of school.

We walked through Handforth, thinking about staying with a grown up near roads and using the crossing safely. We took turns to visit the library  and the Community cafe at St Chad's church.

At the library, the children all chose a book to take back to school. They all remembered their quiet voices, talked enthusiastically about their books and enjoyed making the machines beep when they borrowed them

At the cafe, the childred practised ordering politely, paying and sitting and chatting with their friends in a public place. The people at the cafe were very welcoming and all commented on how beautifully the children behaved.

Thank you to all our volunteers, without whom the trip could not take place, and to all those who remembered to send their chiil in with 20p for the cafe.

We are looking forward to our next visit, hopefully on 11th January 2016, and hope lots of people will be able to accompany us.

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