Class: Nursery Year: 2015 - 2016

This week we had to say goodbye to our butterflies as we let them go onto the field to find lots of flowers and, hopefully, some friends. But we have now decided to find out about some different animals which we found in our outside environment - snails. We have brought some inside nursery to keep in a tank so we can watch them, look after them, find out what they like to eat and investigate them. 

If anyone would be willing to look after them over the half term break, please let one of us know, they are very easy to care for and none have escaped from their tank, yet.

W  are still learning about the sea and who lives in the sea and have made a fantastic display of our wishes (from the story 'The Fish Who Could Wish') and a colourful friendship fish with all of our names on ( from the story 'The Rainbow Fish')


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