Year 6 - World War 1

Lesson: History

Class: Year 6 Year: 2014 - 2015

Over the last 2 weeks, Year 6 have been doing some fantastic learning about the 'Great War'.

We started off by looking at the events that led up to the outbreak of the war and we produced storyboards which helped us visualise these events.

Next, we looked at a map of Europe in 1914 and researched which countries were in (or supported) the Allied Powers and which were in the Central Powers.  Some children then went on to find out which other countries throughout the world were involved.

Once we'd established the causes and the sides, we looked at influential people on both sides such as: Lord Kitchener, Sir Douglas Haig and Edith Cavell for the Allies and Kaiser Wilhelm, Ataturk and Baron von Richthofen for the Central Powers.

As the children had been looking at biographies prior to half-term, we each took a war poet and found out about their lives.  We used ICT to present these and it was great to see a real cross section of poets from the more famous to the lesser known, including some influential female poets.

In the 2nd week of our WWI topic, we focused on two extremes: poetry and science.  We put ourselves in the position of a young soldier in the trenches and wrote an epitaph - how we'd like to be remembered by our family and friends.  Some poignant work came from this and the children did a fantastic job of looking at life from the perspective of someone else.

In terms of science, we focused on illnesses, injuries and the advancement of medical science.  We researched typical medical conditions in the trenches and what their symptoms would be, we performed triage by placing the conditions in categories of seriousness.  Then we debated which medical advancement was the most useful: motorised ambulances, trained nurses, triage, blood transfusions or x-rays.  A tough exercise to do I'm sure you'd agree, but we had a fabulous debate around this.

The class has really enjoyed the learning and they showed this by the wonderful array of WW1 costumes when we had a non-uniform day on Remembrance Day.  It's been a fantastic experience and attached are some pictures so you can see for yourself what we've been doing.

Well done Year 6!

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